“The best way to predict future is to design it.”Buckminster Fuller

In the generation where unique and outstanding are the new parameters, you need to deliver something that is out of the box and not quite common yet.

LLM in Energy Law is one such programme that offers you an edge over the other disciplines. Not saying that the other disciplines are no worth, but those who want to pursue a career in LLM should probably consider this option.

The upcoming need to conserve energy and environment has planted the sapling for this course. With this programme, students can come to terms with the various aspects of the energy field, and learn about the economic changes, current regulatory shifts and the related forces that are continuously affecting the industry.

Master’s in Energy Law also throws light on the upcoming changes in the field, such as the procedures covering the manufacturing of clean energy or changes in land use policies.

Introduction to LLM Energy Law

This one-year programme requires extensive research hours and the presentation of a final thesis for degree obtainment. Energy law aspirants study the importance of controlling and regulating energy use and how to overcome situations in which energy use is scantily managed.

It is a stirring time to set foot on the field as many policies and regulations are changing to alleviate the impact of environmental pollution and climate change. Students in pursuit of a Master’s degree in energy law will study concepts about energy regulation, oil and gas law and environmental law.

An LL.M. in energy law can help find opportunities in the public sector and in private law firms whose objectives focus on the energy space. Also, aspirants of this field can work for NGOs and other international organizations.

It is a particularly beneficial path for lawyers who wish to improve their policy analysis capabilities to respond to issues such as pollution, energy alternatives, climate change and energy. Besides, it also gives in depth knowledge on clean land use and resource management, species protection, and environmental assessments.

An LLM in Energy Law Proposes Careers In

  • Real Estate
  • Energy Sustainability
  • Energy Conservation
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Energy and Resource Management

The Big Picture of The Future

With 90% of growth coming from emerging economies, global energy demand is expected to grow by a third by 2035. All this growth and change is appealing to many lawyers, and more law colleges are starting to offer energy-focused LLM programmes.

Energy Law degree programmes are available around the globe and include international law topics that open doors for jobs overseas. With more enterprises becoming aware of their impact on the environment, there will be soon a bulk requirement for energy law postgraduates.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the number of opportunities for lawyers is projected to increase by 6% between 2014 and 2024, which is as fast as the average for all occupations. You may face strong competition for lawyer positions due to the high volume of students graduating from law school.

It’s time now to pot the ball in your pocket before you fall short of opportunities and chances. The prospects in this field are open for you with rewarding pay packages. Grab the deal and secure your future while working for the noble cause.

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