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CBSE 12th results are out. Are you being apprehensive about the stream of study you should plump for? How about polishing your linguistic skills in English and various other foreign languages? Gaining an expertise in any language opens your gateway to blooming career opportunities such as authors, interpreters, transcribers, etc. Hence, your flair for a language can win you exciting career options wherein you can lead to an amazing lifestyle. Blending your creativity with an impressive choice of words can do the wonders for uplifting your verbal and written communication proficiency. Now the question that must be shaking the strings of your mind is how to become a pro in a language.

Have a Look at the Opportunities Language & Culture Courses Have in Bag!

Let’s unpuzzle your curiosity with below-mentioned language & culture courses:

Have a knack for writing! Go for B.A. (Hons.) English

You had always been in the good books of your English teacher because of your extraordinary writing skills. And, you maintain a personal blog or diary regularly to exemplify all the important incidents of your life. You conquered your opponents easily in essay writing competitions at your school. Such actions symbolize a writer developing inside you gradually. Just give wings of creativity to that writer with a B.A. (Hons) – English program from a prestigious university. No job is more wonderful than writing if you really enjoy playing with the words. Loads of writing job opportunities in online and offline publications also promise the adequate growth in this line of work.

Foreign language proficiency adores your resume indeed

Nowadays, India has become a business hub for the MNCs headquartered across the globe. The concept of outsourcing has broken the geographical barriers. In such a context, having an expertise in a foreign language can brighten the chances of your resume being shortlisted in a global company. In fact, you are highly preferred by the manager for official foreign trips if you hold a good command over any of the foreign languages. Hence, gaining proficiency in a foreign language always puts you in a win-win situation, irrespective of your stream of study. Don’t express any hesitation in going for a Certificate Course in Foreign Language as it offers multiple benefits while encountering a professional life.

Do the embassy jobs fascinate you?

Trust me; you can unlock the entry gate to embassy jobs with an advanced course in foreign language. The embassies of different countries in India often require the language-pros for transcribing, interpretation, and translation purposes. Maybe you start with a contractual job but your outstanding performance can make you a permanent employee there. Isn’t it cool! You live your passion for working closely with ‘the peers of the realm’ in a fast-paced environment just by honing your skills in a foreign language. Apart from embassies, the decipherers can also earn bread & butter by working with import-export business houses, translation service agencies, or as freelancers. Hence, the opportunities are limitless – you just need to encash them.

Final Words

Now you are well aware of the significance of language proficiency for your growth. Giving your career a new dimension with a professional language course would be a great move. But choosing an institution for such a course bids a careful analysis from your end, in terms of faculty, infrastructure, practical training, etc. Make sure to do the wise research work before opting for a college for language courses and propel your career towards a bright future.

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