Journalism & Mass Communication

Revolution in the communication technology across the globe has produced ample opportunities for the students to give their career a direction in the arena of journalism & mass communication. In fact, the job opportunities in journalism & mass communication are countless yet exciting. If you are the one who wants to nurture creative streak after 10+2 or graduation then you definitely fulfil the mass communication eligibility criteria.

If we talk about what is mass communication, then it simply means communicating with a large group of people employing various mediums of communication i.e. TV, radio, newspaper, etc. There are top colleges for mass communication in India that lead you to reach the pinnacle of success in media and mass communication industry. Eventually, you will get end-to-end training only in the best journalism & mass communication colleges to develop as a multifaceted media personality.

Let’s Go Through the Opportunities You Can Reap out of Journalism & Mass Communication:

Do Justice with your ‘Nose for News’ as a Reporter

Are you the one whose nose gets extremely sensitive to smell the stuff that can become news? Be it the quarrelling of neighbours or a horde protesting against the builder in your society, you are always interested in gathering the facts. Such natural instincts of yours can help you prove your mettle as a news reporter. Don’t let this talent go in vain. Choose the best college for mass communication and explore your career in the reporting field.

‘Anchoring’ is Always Exciting

People count only on you to host a school function or even the ‘Sangeet’ of your cousin’s wedding! There must be something special in you, which is why they always approach you to be the presenter of the show. Isn’t it? Who knows your hidden talent may reveal and you become a renowned news anchor or a VJ on a reputed TV channel! But only the best colleges for mass communication in India can train you with the ins and outs of anchoring.

‘Ease Around Strangers’ can Develop a Radio Jockey in You

Do your random talks entertain the strangers to the fullest in a bus, metro, or anywhere else? Have you ever thought what a radio jockey does? Most of the RJs also do the same and are very popular among the mass. Such a characteristic of yours can win you name, fame and of course, money. Most of the top mass communication colleges guide their students to prosper their career as an RJ.

Making Incidents ‘Cut Short’ Incarnates an Editor in You

Do you love telling about an incident in a cut short way without losing its brisk and crisp? If yes, then editing is one such profession where you can do wonders. But omitting the non-significant material is not the only job of an editor. A film editor or TV editor incorporates the special effects and graphics in a video clip to make it more interesting. The courses like B.Sc Animation (VFX) offered by the leading mass communication colleges can let you win as an expert animator or editor.

Your Pen has Spark, Let the World Notice it

Print media has no less impact than the electronic media. In fact, if you are looking forward to practising serious journalism, then newspapers and magazines are your destinations. The mix of flair for writing and wisdom can earn your reputation as a columnist for a newspaper or magazine. Late Mr. Khushwant Singh, Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai, Mr. Harish Iyer and many more can be your role model if print media entices you for a career in writing.

Final Words

As we discussed, mass communication has an endless scope and a click in this field may also let you make your foothold as a leading filmmaker, scriptwriter, and film editor in the future. If you have the talent to grow in this field then opting for the right mass communication college is the wisest move.

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