Integrated LLB

To help all the class 12 graduates, here is a round-up of Integrated LLB Courses and its benefits.

In this article, you will find details about the Integrated Law course including:

  • Course duration
  • Career opportunities
  • Eligibility
  • Estimated salaries

Hence, this is a must-read for the aspiring law students seeking a career in Integrated LLB with B.A/B.Com.

What is an Integrated LLB Course?

An integrated course, offered by many eminent universities in India, aims to get lawyers ‘industry-ready’. Also, the course provides two degrees to the student, one of which is law and the other is chosen by the student.

When studying for an integrated law course, a student gets two traditional degrees. While the law course is all about pursuing the LLB degree from a Law School. On the other hand, the integrated degree is a modern approach to the course. Because, in an Integrated course, a student covers two courses under one academic program.

The most common integrated law courses that students go for include:

  1. B.A. L.L.B.        -Bachelor of Arts and Law programs
  2. B.Com. L.L.B. -Bachelor of Commerce and Law Programs
  3. B.Sc. L.L.B.      -B.Sc. and Law programs

Moreover, students can pursue Law programs (L.L.B.) through a postgraduate course and a student must be a graduate to become eligible to pursue the L.L.B degree. However, since the integrated law course includes a Bachelor’s degree course as well, the two can be combined.

In fact, Sharda University offers plenty of options for students who are interested in pursuing the integrated law course.

Benefits of Pursuing the Course

  1. A student does not have to complete the graduate degree, as they can pursue the course right after 12th. So, this is an advantage for the students who have a clear and defined career vision.
  2. While you study for one degree, you get two degrees in your hand.
  3. Also, the career options are much more for students who have pursued the integrated course as compared to the other students.
  4. Students save a year by undertaking the integrated B.A. LLB course as a study option. As a result, the students can invest the time saved for pursuing some other degree.
  5. The number of law subjects that you study in a 5-year course is more than a 3-year course. This means that you gain a better and thorough knowledge of the subject.
  6. As a student, you can focus more on extra-curricular activities like MUN, moot courts, client counselling, and internships.

In almost the same time period and cost, you can receive two degrees, why not go for it?

After the Degree

After successful accomplishment of the degree, all you need to do is enrol in the bar council of India. And, you can start working as an advocate or lawyer.

For the students who are interested in studying law and pursuing it as a career, the integrated program is the best way to get started.

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