how to be a successful entrepreneur

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”. This Chinese proverb clearly depicts the significance of time management. Some people think of starting the business when they are studying and some think of the same when they are working for someone else’s brand. However, there are many life habits which inhibit the aspiring entrepreneurs and rather eat up the time. So, rather letting it happen, let’s just focus on how to be a successful entrepreneur!

Let’s have a Take on How to be a Successful Entrepreneur!

It is important to know the correct time of starting the business. It is also crucial to know all the available resources and market status at the point of time. One does not need to stop working or doing the day job but can start gathering all the prerequisites. Have a look at all these habits that you need to quit. Probably, they have been choking your time for quite a while now; make some room for coherence now. And, focus on how to be a successful entrepreneur!

DO NOT Follow These 7 Habits That Decelerate Your Success

1. Multitasking

It is proven that only 2 percent of the people in the whole world can do multitasking, which means it is good to involve in multitasking only after one becomes a pro. Focus on one thing at a time. Whatever you are trying, work on that bit, accomplish it beyond satisfaction & move forth.

If you are working on your computer, just shut down all other distractions and focus on the current one. You can close the other tabs and keep the required ones open.

2. Comparisons

Comparisons do not lead you anywhere. You can skip the part for your own good. If you keep spending more than half of your time GOOGLing about other leading entrepreneurs in the world, things might not be encouraging.

Do not blindly imitate the habits of the successful person or daily routine of successful entrepreneurs. DO NOT try hard to incorporate things which contradict your persona. Inspire yourself while staying in your own skin.

3. Complaining

Complaining won’t lead you anywhere. When you raise your eyebrows way too often and because of any substantial reason, negativity is all you gather. This affects the people around you and questions your ‘patience’ and ‘positivity’.

4. Social Media

This is the era of social media and most of the people are earning bread because of the world wide web. But today, are you just limited to using it for the sake of getting connected or does it consume your heavy amount of time as well?

Make your presence felt on all the social media platforms as connecting with the masses is a useful tool, but do not give away all your time. Be aware of everything but do not indulge your mind and keep it busy in non-profitable stuff. You can keep the push notifications on ‘Off’ & delete the time-consuming applications for a steady, subtle start.

5. Saying ‘Yes’

Saying yes to everything won’t answer your question “How to be a successful entrepreneur?” You need to start saying ‘No’ and save your time and energy for the acts which can help you in growing as an entrepreneur. Say No to offers that do not profit. Say No to proposals not in sync with your original business idea.

6. Being Scared

Start believing in yourself. It does not mean you start sounding overconfident. Overstating the things that you have achieved in the past can make you high-headed. It is all about living in the present and believing your abilities.

You are the only one who can take risks for yourself. Your family and friends cannot decide the number of efforts that you need to put or the amount of hard work and money you need to invest in your dream.

7. Always Saying “It’s perfect”

Sometimes if the things aren’t going the way you hoped for, it is okay to admit it and accept it. You need not adjust by saying that everything is fine and it will work. If you find something which is not as per your plan, then you should brace it and do the best suitable.

There are many inspiring stories which boost that little spark of working for you. Harsh Aggarwal, ex-student of Sharda University, passionate blogger & a blog scientist has made his career from nothing to everything. Universities like Sharda University are taking credible steps to promote the personal choices of individuals, eventually leading the world with their entrepreneur skills.

Be aware and observe the little things around, but more importantly, exterminate the futile habits.

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