Holi Celebration in Sharda University

Sharda University is an abode of global education where the students from 74+ countries pursue courses in diverse disciplines. In fact, all the students, who belong to a different culture, live under the roof of the university and share their emotions with each other. Holi is one of the biggest Indian festivals, defined by the colours, joy, and happiness everywhere. Hence, there was a Holi Celebration in Sharda University for its students, faculty and staff members on 1st March. And eventually, the campus was full enthusiastic in the hue of multicolour with happy faces all around.

Holi Celebration in Sharda University at its Best

Everyone was looking quite excited to participate in the Holi Milan Samaroh (Holi Get-together) at the university. The event started with greetings by Chancellor Sir Shri P. K. Gupta Ji. Afterwards, the dignitaries of the university conveyed good luck to all the staff, faculty and students for their future endeavours. People embracing their friends and putting colours on the faces of each other was the common scene at the event.

All the attendees were in the ecstasy of joy and festivity. Even the foreign students looked so enthusiastic and participated in putting colours on the faces. Holi celebration in the campus became the great reason of unity in diversity where the multicultural students came forward in the bond of harmony and togetherness.

The dry gulal was used as the colour to celebrate dry Holi. It also spreads the message that we need to save water. People, drowned in the festivity, sometimes wastewater in the name of Holi, which is not good for the mankind. The students of Sharda University enjoyed to the fullest in a waterless Holi celebration, which sets a perfect example to the people who don’t care about this precious natural resource.

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