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Advanced functional materials are successfully being implemented in vast areas of human development through technology. For example, transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy in piezoelectric materials, providing electrical control of magnetic properties and biomaterials. However, keeping in mind the enormous potential of development and huge application, School of Basic Sciences & Research (SBSR), Sharda University, Greater Noida has organized 2nd National Conference on Functional Materials (NCFM-2017) on March 31st-April 1st. The conference targeted to bring together people with shared interests in functional and hybrid materials and create a cross-disciplinary summit that transcends departmental, institutional, industrial, public and private research organizational and global barriers and lend itself to the integration of research and education in the vital field of advanced materials.

A Lot to Gain From Some Famous Personalities on Functional Materials

functional materialsChief Guest and Keynote speaker of the event was Dr. R. K. Sharma, Outstanding Scientist, Director SSPL (Solid State Physics Laboratory), and awardee MRSI 2016 towards the development of Semiconductor Materials Technologies. Further, in his address titled “Semiconductors Technologies for Defence Applications”, he emphasized on the applications of semiconductors in inorganic/organic materials, polymers, thin films and quantum dots. Also, he drew the attention of the research undertaken by DRDO for naval requirements, armaments, and development of solid-state devices/functional materials for CNTs, 2D materials, and TE coolers.

SBSR Achieving Research and Academic Excellence

Further, Prof. Bhaskar Bhattacharya Dean SBSR and Chairman of the conference briefed the participants about how SBSR is serving the dynamic mission to achieve excellence in both academic and research perspectives. Afterwards, he elaborated about the UG, PG and research programmes offered by the departments of the school. Eventually, the event was graced by the presence of VC, Sharda University, Prof. Vijay Gupta who highlighted the use of functional materials in weaponry.

functional materialsIn addition, the conference has invited renowned experts for delivering keynote addresses/special lectures in the field of Material Sciences including Dr. Jai Singh (Harisingh Gour Central Univ. Sagar), Prof. Sugriva Nath Tiwari (HoD Physics, DDU), Dr. Yogesh Kumar (ASRD, DU), Prof. Zishan Husain Khan (DU), Dr. K. P. Singh (HoD, Chem Deptt, NIET, Gr Noida) and Prof. R. P. Dwivedi (Shoolini Univ.), Dr. S.K. Shukla (Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences, DU) and Dr. Manoj Singh (Swami Shraddhanad College, DU).

Research Paper Presentations

Further, Dr. Jai Singh talked on the topic titled “Controlled Synthesis of MoS2, Graphene, and Zinc Oxide Nanostructures by Chemical Vapour Deposition”, while Prof. Sugriva Nath Tiwari has given an overview of Molecular Interactions in Liquid Crystals. Afterwards, Prof. Zishan Husain Khan emphasized on diversion from Chalcogenides to Nanochalcogenides. Prof. K. P. Singh drew the attention of researchers towards applications of Functional Materials in today’s scenario. Also, Dr. Manoj Singh has given talks on the title “Performance of Solid-State Hybrid Supercapacitor Fabricated using Lithium Iron Phosphate and their Composite with PEDOT: PSS as Cathode” . In addition, Dr. Sunita Sharma delivered her talk on “Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: From Provenance to Recent Drifts”. In addition, applications and significance of Nanowire Gas Sensors and Non-Enzymatic Bio Sensors as functional materials have been highlighted by Prof. R. P. Dwivedi and Dr. S.K. Shukla.


Moreover, the two-day long event had over 100 participants (oral and poster) from – DU, DDU, Chandigarh, Kanpur, Lucknow, Jamia Milia Islamia, Hari Singh Gour Central University, AMU, GBU, Amity, North Campus University and Reliance Research Development Centre. Finally, out of 30 poster presentations, the best poster award went to Mr. Amit Kumar, M.Sc. Chem (SU). Also, the conference provided a common platform for scientists and young researchers to share their scientific views and motivate the participants in frontier areas of material science through lecture and contributed papers. In fact, the conference delved upon the remarkable advancements in science, from theory to practical applications of functional materials and the papers of the conference would be published in International Journal of Electroactive Materials.

Written by: Dr. Noopur Srivastava and Dr. Sheetal Monga (Assistant Professor – SBSR)

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