Good Food is Good Mood

– Every Foodie Ever

Are you from the lot that loves food more than anything else on the planet? Does it happen that every time you go for a ‘casual outing’; you end up dining at some place fancy? Do you love trying out different cuisines every weekend?

What if we told you that this foodie spirit in you can be transmuted into a full-time career?

The very idea sounds super interesting, doesn’t it?

Food – First Love, One Love?

Imagine getting to taste different types of cuisines as a part of your profession.

If someone asks you the much-dreaded question “what do you do for a living,” you have the perfect reply to it. Well, I taste food for a living.

Being a graduate in food technology, there are so many interesting careers to pick from.

You could choose from a variety of careers like:

  • Food Safety Officer
  • Food Biotechnologists
  • Agricultural Scientists in ASRB, ICAR
  • Research and Development Officer in various areas of food sector
  • Food Quality Officer and Manager in Food Industry
  • Scientists and Technical officer in FSSAI
  • Production Officer in Food Industry
  • Food Quality inspector

The chances of becoming food Quality inspector after in food

A food quality inspector relies on a number of tools and devices to do his job. From testing, if the food has been prepared in accordance with the requirements to checking it for taste, they make sure the end product is free of diseases.

The Food Inspector measures and analyses the safety and quality of ingredients the company purchases, products made by the company, and the processes and equipment used to convert ingredients into products.

The major requirement for food quality inspectors is seen in college hostels where the staff may completely ignore the quality aspect.

It is mandatory for restaurants, be it small food chains or big ones, to hold a food licence by the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) to operate their business.

Remember the Maggi Probe when Maggi was completely taken off-shelves? All thanks to an order passed by the FSSAI.

People responsible to grant the FSSAI License are known as food inspectors. Now, given that most restaurants require the FSSAI license, the scope of food inspectors is understandable.

Here are some of the factors that explain what scope this profession boasts of:

  1. Logo on Menus and Pamphlets– Having the FSSAI logo pasted on the menu is more of a mandate for restaurants these days. To make sure their customers are convinced about their food quality, restaurants ensure they have the FSSAI logo on their menus.
  2. Legal Importance– Not having a FSSAI license could cost quite a lot to the restaurants as they may have to pay some fine and penalties. Even before opening a restaurant, the license must be obtained.
  3. Customer Acceptance– There are plenty of restaurants available in the market then why would you expect a customer to accept your restaurant. It is only due to certain factors like these, i.e., food licences, prices, etc. that the customers would accept visit the restaurant.

The persons responsible for granting a food license is the food and safety inspector who keeps a check on weather the restaurant has kept up with the regulations of FSSAI.

However, like any other field, making a career in food industry is no easy job. It requires substantial experience, dedication and some good luck for you to be a successful food professional.

But, in the end, it is all worth it! So why not turn your love for food into a profession- an exciting profession?

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