If you’re facing exam-stress and left with no choice except drowning in a sea of books while preparing for your semester/ annual examinations, this is your reality check:

Exam Blues. Rising Stress Levels. Post-crying-mini-breakdown session. Lack of Concentration. And the pressure of meeting the unreasonable expectations set by parents and teachers to do well in exams.

Above, are the common problems that seven out of ten students face. In fact, the worst part is that it seems really “impossible” to remain totally untouched by the exam fever no matter how confident you appear to be.

Let’s face it:

At the present time, exam preparation seems like an insurmountable burden followed by fear of failure, catastrophizing and high levels of emotional distress to many students. Eventually, their battle with exam-stress disorders results in poor academic performance and a higher rate of student drop-out.

Tips to Follow to Overcome Exam-Stress

Few tips directly from the desk of student counsellor at Sharda University to beat the exam stress and staying motivated:

Say yes to a daily schedule

Believe it or not, the biggest challenge students are facing when preparing for exams is – the overload of course material and lack of proper time management.

Give yourself a break

Your brain needs proper breaks to relax. So, students should take 5-10 minutes “short-breaks” after completing each chapter. In fact, this is an ideal exam strategy to rule out stress positively and enhance your performance. Study for 40–45 minutes with breaks of 5–10 minutes. Try to avoid frenetic last minute revisions before an exam.

Right nourishment is a must

To cope up with the examination stress, the students need to get physically active. Get plenty of fresh air and eat home-cooked meals. Avoid stimulants like caffeine, nicotine or any other substance. Such things make you feel more stressed by raising the anxiety levels. Always remember, loading your body with fresh oxygen and right nutrients are necessary for the brain.

Positive Thinking is the key

To keep yourself motivated, start thinking positive self-statements like ‘I am doing my best’, ‘I am feeling calm’ and ‘I am the winner’ whenever you feeling distracted. Keep reminding yourself that exams are just a part of academic life and your success graph does not depend on your performance in an examination hall. Your practical skills and knowledge are the real weapons to win the battle in the real world.

So, Just Stop Worrying

Students, stop worrying about exams. Just trust your academic abilities and you will definitely see an improvement. In fact, a numeric grading system is not the dominant factor in your future success and happiness. But, what matters the most to achieve your set career goals is flexibility, hard work, determination and your capability to face challenges in a very competitive situation.

Exams bring you an opportunity to realize your potential strength and prepare for the test that life will bring in the future. This is the journey of a thousand miles that starts with a single step i.e. examinations.

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