Modern-day stress, mood swings and overall health and work productivity are directly proportional to the emotional wellness of a person. Emotional wellness is all about the ability of a person to grow from varied life experiences. It encourages autonomy and proper decision-making skills. Accepting one’s innermost feelings is the key to understanding oneself and one’s responses to different situations.

Student life is one of the best times in one’s life. Unfortunately, it also involves quite a few worries, and many of them start almost as soon as the new semester starts. Exams, internships, placements, heartbreaks, a jam-packed timetable – you name it. Aren’t you overwhelmed? Sometimes this may cause intense, unending anxiety in your mind and heart.  

Emotional wellness and optimism go hand in hand. Being optimistic means that all emotions- both positive or negative- are greeted with equal fervour. Mastering the technique of emotional wellness will help you in developing a deep sense of self-awareness. This would in return inspire self-care, relaxation, and development of inner strength. Your life will be more balanced since EW allows you to accept your feelings. Once you accept your feelings, you can begin to understand why you are feeling that way and decide how you would like to act in response to those feelings. The best ever gift that one could give to oneself is to love yourself unconditionally. When you love yourself you never feel lonely. You also want to treat yourself with respect and dignity and create more health and wellness in your life.

To handle these complex emotions, you need to be attentive to both positive and negative feelings. Here the emphasis is to learn from mistakes and treat them as stepping stones to self-improvement and self-confidence. With an aim to provide emotional and psychological support to its students besides their professional development, Sharda University has collaborated with Yourdost, an online counselling service that offers personalised development programs backed by research, and crafted from the years of experience in counselling brought by the experts

The collaboration will facilitate private and confidential sessions to give a progressive medium of expressing student anticipations. Here you get the guidance you need, and your concerns get the attention they deserve. With 24X7 support from our experts, bid goodbye to your old self and be on your way to becoming a better you.

If you are stressed, take this unique test that won’t stress you but will tell you just how stressed you are. Understanding yourself is always a challenging task. If you feel like you have hit a roadblock, help is just a click away 🙂

Emotional wellness occurs when a person uses self-awareness to take a step back, evaluate his or her emotions (fear, anger, joy, sadness, etc.) and then make the appropriate changes to benefit his overall health. An emotionally healthy person is in a better position to enjoy emotional expression and is also capable of forming supportive and interdependent relationships with others.

Emotional wellness can cover many different areas. When we are emotionally well, there is usually a sense of peace, trust and hope. Our belief in ourselves instils confidence that anything is achievable. We are able to create healthy boundaries that provide us with safety and comfort.

Emotionally well people show self-love. With self-love, we choose people and events in our lives that reflect this love back to us.

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