Education and business are two dependable spheres. The business sector depends on the skilled manpower or human resource graduating every year. Hence, down to this, universities and higher education institutes are expected to produce students, who are ready to take up jobs in different regions of the world. Inter-country relations strengthen upon the basis of business ties and international exchange of learning programs. In fact, Sharda University gave its best to make some distinct measures in the field of education

Distinct measures in the Field of Education

However, a similar business event to foster international collaborations was conducted in Delhi between the Indian and African delegates to acknowledge the business initiatives by both the countries. The business investment forum was a valuable assemblage for businessmen and entrepreneurs of both the countries.

Sharda University got Recognition for its Distinct Measures in the Field of Education

The third day of the forum, ASSOCHAM and Indian Government’s Commerce Department recognized the unprecedented efforts by the Sharda University in the field of education. It was marked by the appreciation of Sharda University’s initiatives for the upliftment of higher education. The board congratulated the University management and faculty for giving its students a global stature. The panel awarded the institution for distinct measures in the field of Education.

On the behalf of Sharda University, the head of International Department, Mr. Ashok Daryani received the prestigious award from the Rural Development Minister, Mr. Ramkripal Yadav.

The esteemed minister was all-praise for the University. He expressed himself saying that because of initiatives by such leaders, the nation was independent and did not rely on Europe for education.

Rather, the world looked at the Indian subcontinent with high hopes because of recent developments and modern teaching methods. Mr. Yadav congratulated the University for maintaining excellence as a private university.

Some New Projects in Africa On-Board

On the other hand, Sharda University is ambitious about its new projects in Africa. The focus is to uplift the level of healthcare and medication in states of Africa which need betterment.

Also, more than 500 African students study at Sharda University. Many of these students got the benefits of the scholarship. Natives from Africa are the students of Sharda University, which is now like a home away from home from them.

It is because of the amicable environment and hospitality that the international students receive on the campus that the university prides itself on being a hub of cultural exchange. Students from more than 55+ nationalities came to Sharda in the academic year 2016-2017.

Sharda University’s Executive Director, Mr. Prashant Gupta congratulated Mr. Daryani and his team for the achievement.

He quoted that as per ASSOCHAM, India’s business transaction amount with Africa would go higher to 200 Arab Dollars by 2020. This is apparently a high surge from the 80 Arab Dollar transaction during 2009-2010.

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