Career Options after 12th

Finally, the big day is approaching. Results are going to be declared soon. All your senses and guts have stopped working. Moreover, the fear of low scores might be making you nervous. Isn’t it? There is a saying, “Five fingers are not alike”. Similarly, not everyone is going to get 90%+. Does the life end if you can’t meet the eligibility criteria of top colleges like IIT, DU Colleges, DCE, etc? No. There are numerous professional courses that help you achieve your career objectives even if your marks are not that fascinating. Trust me, there are blooming career options after 12th for the students who don’t have the superpowers to defeat the cut-offs of government universities, surging every year.

Career Options After 12th for Science, Commerce, and Art Students

Options for Science Students

The fad about engineering among the science students is as evergreen as the craze of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan among the movie lovers – unchanged and unaffected since ages. Getting admission in IIT is the dream every science student starts watching from the time s/he opts for this stream. But life is not a bed of roses. Maybe you can’t get the chance to live the life of an IITan but being a non-IITan can’t stop you to become a great engineer. There are reputed universities that offer B.Tech in different disciplines like Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Aerospace, etc.

How Commerce Students can do Wonders

It is an undeniable fact that commerce is the most demanded stream among the students. The cut-offs for the different commerce programs go as high as the inflation rate in our country. But the professional courses are there for your rescue from the trap of stringent cut-offs. The courses like B.Com (Hons) International Accounting & Finance, BBA Finance & Accounting, and BBA (with International Immersion Program) are sure to prosper your career growth. Such programs from a renowned university not only make you the right fit for a corporate life but also offer an international exposure while studying.

Art Students also Fly High

Don’t let others judge you as a weak student just because you opted for art studies. It is a misconception among the people that art is the stream dedicated to weak students. In fact, art is itself a science of implementing your creativity to do some miracles in different fields such as journalism, mass communication, graphic designing, etc. Top-notch private universities impart the studies of arts, design, and media with the courses like BA (Journalism & Mass Communication), B.Sc Animation (VFX), and Bachelor of Design in various disciplines – Interior Design, Fashion Design, Industrial & Product Design, etc.

Final Words

The abstract of the whole story is that you don’t need to lose heart if you couldn’t score excellently in 12th results. Career options after 12th are limitless – you just need to find the right course at the right college. Be wise and choose a course that interests you the most at a university that offers you the global exposure to become a pro in life.

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