Talking about the progress of engineering is a never-ending discussion. Engineering science in the past few years has taken an extraordinary turn towards technology. With plenty of innovations arising from around, the scope for a career in engineering has drastically increased in the past few years. However, within the next few years, engineers will be the most ancillary part of the organizations. With incredible innovations such as the Elon Musk’s Hyperloop, the self-driven car by Tesla and a wide selection of unique innovations around the world, it became almost inevitable that Engineering has just subscribed in creating the next generation lifestyle.

Choosing the Right Branch to Build a Career in Engineering

The career in engineering is ready with limitless opportunities, but it only pays the perks when you will choose the right engineering branch that will accompany you to build a new future.

Electrical Engineering

Career in Engineering Recent analysis shows that the industries are creating opportunities for Electronics & Communication Engineers (ECE) and Electrical & Electronics Engineers (EEE). With further innovations on integrated Nano Chipsets, Circuit boards, Artificial Intelligence Machines, Robotics Engineering, Advanced Microprocessors, Batteries, Advanced Drones, etc. electrical engineering presents an enormous scope in the ‘planet career’. As a matter of fact, the Electronics sector consumer market in India is said to double by USD 29.2 Billion by 2020. Electrical Engineers have a huge scope of opportunities open in front of them as there are endless possibilities for innovation, jobs, and entrepreneurship.

Computer Engineering

Career in EngineeringAhhh!! The most alluring career in today’s world. There was never a doubt about this fact that computer engineers have a significant role to play in designing our lifestyle. Computer Engineering Career has triplex demand since the last year, and it is going to rise by 54% in the year 2020. The career in engineering requires consistent innovations on the next-generation software. As electrical engineers are up to designing a concept, computer engineers are further making those ideas come alive.

Did you know? After the implementation of smart cities successfully in most places, India is about to target for intelligent cities. Here, the computer engineers will be playing larger roles. Besides, India has always been one of the core preferences for the IT requirements of the world, and due to initiatives, such as Make in India, desirable investors are investing heavily in most IT companies.

Civil Engineering

India is a developing country, and in the past ten years, the shape of the infrastructure is transforming. With better roads, establishments of the highest bridges in J&K and for the increasing demand of real estates, the demand for civil engineers in India is rising quickly. We got skyscrapers, some of the best-designed towers, longest railway establishments, advanced engineered homes, etc. Whereas this phase is just a start! As the infrastructure development in the country is predicted to rise by 38% by 2018. With smart expressways, advanced construction engineering and upgrading real estate, the civil engineers are the ones who are required to make the wonders happen.

Mechanical Engineering

Career in EngineeringThe future could not have come so real, so fast if there were no mechanical engineers. Engineers have advanced the subject and are building the future gadgets already. With so many inventions done by the industry, the demand for mechanical engineers is at its peak. From micro-scale sensors to spacecraft – a mechanical engineer is a creator of these things.

Some astonishing examples of mechanical engineering are Elon Musk’s Hyperloop and the SpaceX Project. And if we look around, there are more amazing innovations that are taking place every day. Choosing mechanical engineering as a career would only give you the opportunity to build your own. Not only this but with the increasing MNCs in India, the employment rate for mechanical engineers has been rising rapidly.

Biotechnology Engineering

Understanding the human architecture has become comfortable with biotechnology engineering. We now have most answers for the problems our body go through. Biotechnology Engineering combines subjects such as engineering, genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, and chemistry. As we are evolving, with every passing day, the need for attention towards the human body is becoming crucial.

However, top biotechnology companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Gilead Science, Amgen, Merck & Co, etc. are progressing towards a better world, where every problem related to our body can be confronted. Furthermore, biotechnology engineering has the solution for most critical problems of the human body. The recent innovations in biotechnology engineering such as Edible coating for eatables, Bionic Lens, taking the advancements at peak. In addition, Night-vision eye drops, Electronic Band-aids, Mushrooms as packing material, Remote-Controlled Spermbots are examples of the advancement of Biotechnology Engineering. The need for Biotechnology Engineers is a hype in the recent days. So, if you are curious about biology and engineering both, then here is where you deserve to be. Who knows, maybe the next “Hulk” could be you!


The observation towards a career in engineering in the recent past has been quite a topic of discussion. Since many fields require engineers, it actually is a good choice to opt for engineering courses. Technological advancements and innovations act as primary driving forces at Sharda University helping young aspirants dash towards their goals. With the advent of incredible technological innovations, engineering shows great promise in the major fields of applicability. Engineers could well be blessings in disguise for the world to come.

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