Doing Bachelors in Communication Design means stepping into the world of creativity. The world where you need to express yourself in the best way possible. It is about having the prowess to communicate what is appealing for your audience and how you can improvise on the same to capture attention of more people. In order to make the idea look impressive, a thorough thinking process is a must.  This thorough process talks about being intellectual, creative and technical while making the idea revolve around in your brain.

But what about the course? Is it making big in the industry today? If yes, will it be able to suffice the career demands of the future? A lot of questions pop up in the mind as it is a matter of one’s career.

Still feeling a bit lost? Let’s have a look at some of the fascinating career options that you can opt for after Bachelors in Communication Design.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designing is one of the most opted careers today. This is due to the massive hype in the market. There are many opportunities that you can bag after your graduation.

Graphic designers create designs by using hands or digital media to attract clients. Graphics so designed also help with informing the customers about the information to be sent across. They can generate designs for magazines, brochures, and advertisements, etc.

Art Directors

 Do you remember those weirdly amazing glasses from Dear Zindagi? Or remember that cohesive colour palette from the action movie Dredd? Yes! These were done by art directors. Art directors are responsible for the look and the feel of the visuals. They work for advertisements, magazines, and news houses, etc. Art directors take care of props as well.

Illustration Artist

 Illustration artists provide 2D still drawings for magazines, websites, greeting cards, and newspapers, etc. If we try recalling some of the best illustrations and illustrator artists of all times, then we can never fall short of some amazing examples in front of us. X men evolution – Steven E. Gordon, David finch from Dc comics, Stan lee-the famous illustrator of spiderman. Apart from that Thor, Hulk, and what not?  Feeling the creative vibes already?

 3D Modeling & texturing Artist (Game Design)

 In 3D modeling & texturing artist (Game design), you design the whole look and feel of the game. If you are the one who loves playing games and used to wonder about the technology behind that, you will love this job profile. In this profile, an artist needs to design levels for the game, do character designing as per the requirement and also go for prop designing. Doesn’t this sound exciting, game lovers?

Motion Graphic Artist

 Have you seen those innovative sales advertisements involving animations to help you explain the idea? Seen those moving advertisements on the side of new channels? What about McDonalds’ advertisements? Motion Graphic Artists make such adverts. They put moving ideas to canvas. In this profile, videos, audios, photography, illustrations and animations are combined for the sought visual communication.

These are just a few interesting career options out of the pool of design job profiles. There is much more to this. Once you get into the field of communication design, you get to know a lot about the same and then you can predict your interest and inclination as well. Unlike the times when the career option was not that popular and very less academic resources were available. Today, there are many colleges and universities that you can opt for communication design in India. Still thinking? Bag this opportunity NOW!

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