Career after 12th

Education no more offers you with solo delicacy after 12th Commerce. Rather, in this generation, you got various delicacies to select, once you are done with your school. Choosing a gifted career after 12th has always been a tough decision. However, the wiser thing you must do is to follow your instinct and believe in your talent. Because there is a list of career options to choose your career after 12th, waiting for you to join! But what they demand is a scholar who would love to explore them.

 Looking for a Career After 12th? Here are the Options:

Bachelor of Commerce:

The Department of Commerce is one of the oldest and finest departments in the era. Experience world-class teaching at its best, and sharpen your skills to become prominent individual working with a reputed financial institution or an elite bank. Moreover, in case if you are willing to work hard and touch the sky then simply pursue a career in Chartered Accountancy.

Bachelor of Business Administration:

Choose from a host of courses such as BBA in Marketing, Banking & Finance, International Business, and Human Resource Management. Engaging with this course, you will learn to adapt to flexible indigenous thought patterns and elevate to the level of the greatest business minds of the world while gaining vast knowledge in major areas of business that ensure consistent promising prospects.

Art and Designing Studies:

A humble abode for young aspirants waiting to make a mark in the world of Art & Design. So, the Department of Design lets you choose from a range of creative courses. For example, full-scale Fashion Designing, Interior Designing and more covering all spectrums. Moreover, you can inculcate the habit of winning by beating the competition with your creative approach and staying ahead of the curve. Nurture your creativity to the next best level with this.

Media Studies:

The Department of Mass Communication allows a student to gain in-depth knowledge of the real-world workings in the field of Film-Making, Journalism, and Media. Select from a set of advanced careers after 12th, starting from Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communication to B.Sc. in Animation & VFX. Fulfil your dreams of excelling in your chosen spectrum of professionalism and make a mark in the world for yourself.

Master of Business Administration:

MBA in Health Care & Administration, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management or International Business, all of this have the potentiality to provide you a promising career. Take a leap of faith into the corporate realm with confidence and capacity, and take the world in your stride. Learn the value and importance of global outlook and its multi-faceted application in the world. Here, diversification and innovation are key elements for success.


Now you are free to choose your favourite career after 12th. In fact, you have a range of competitive courses, aided by the guidance of world-class faculty, to chose from! The meaning of success gets redefined at Sharda UniversityIt breaks down the barriers while holding a strong belief in an environment of free-flowing ideas from all around the globe.

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