Did you know that global energy demand is supposed to be increased by around 30% by 2035? And, did you know that most of the energy demands will be made by the developing countries & economies? Yes! Energy sector is at the peak of evolution right now and is sure to witness some rapid growth in the future as well.

If the predicted change in the energy sector is so massive, what will happen to the consumption of the same? What about India and its emerging economy’s everyday advancements in the energy sector? Everything has one answer – LLM in energy law in India. Arises the need for rules that people will have to follow for the propitious use of energy.

Got questions in mind? Thinking why LLM in energy law in India is beneficial than studying the same at any other place? What about NYU? Isn’t that the place brimming with opportunities? True! But sometimes, it is good to have a talk and analyse the preconceptions!

India & Its Economy Status

As per the stats, India’s economy is known to be among the four largest emerging developing economies in the world. For doing LLM in energy law, the opportunities to know and understand the everyday emerging problems is a must. Thus, it is of utmost importance to be a part of an educational institute which can help you face the present and foresee the upcoming problems with the bird’s eye.

India being an Energy Powerhouse

Did you know that as per the World Factbook of the CIA in 2014, India is the second largest agricultural powerhouse in the world and not NY? You might be wondering what agriculture has to do with LLM in energy law. Agriculture is one of the largest fields that directly deals with the energy sector, due to heavy dependence on electricity and fuel.

Thus, it is crucial to understand the effects of setting any new energy project and outlining the related rules and regulations. Studying in India can be an add-on to your ultimate career goals since agriculture is the highest recruiter in India.

India & Its Natural Resources

Talking about the energy sector, how can you forget about the natural resources of India. India is known for its native resources like the naturally occuring coal, iron, ores, and other minerals. India’s mineral resources majorly include coal, which is also known as the fourth largest reserve in the world. Energy production seems impossible without the help of such minerals and native resources.

Studying LLM in energy law at a place which is the home to energy production sector is genuinely a wise decision.

India is much more than what you might have been thinking till now, especially when it comes to education. The quality of education in India is the supreme and hard to be matched by many leading or developed countries in the world. From having rich academic infrastructur in universities like IIT, DU, Sharda University to being the birthplace of great teachers like A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, India has a lot to offer. Kickstart your career by joining a degree course in an LLM energy law college in India, right NOW!

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