Every year, lakhs of students are on the lookout for an ideal college. But what exactly does an ideal college look like?

As a student, while looking for the “right college”, there are a number of things that you have in mind. Right from the crowd to the infrastructure to the amenities necessary for the degree, every parameter needs evaluation.

After all, you would be spending the next four years of your life at this college you choose. Here are some of the characteristics that an ideal college must have, especially for the Bachelor of Technology students.

Requisites of an ideal college

We all have so much in mind when searching for a college, don’t we? Well, here are some things that good colleges offer to the students opting for a Bachelor of Technology degree.

Faculty- Professional Guidance from an Experienced Individual

One of the major features that make or break a college’s reputation is the faculty. A college with excellent faculty members ensures proper guidance to the students which helps in their future endeavours.

The faculty experience and qualifications matter and they must be accounted for during your college search.

The Bachelor of Technology courses imbibe in a student, ample technical knowledge and for making sure they are a pro at it, teachers HAVE to be experienced.

Alumni Placement Record- Have sailed in the same boat!

Chasing the ‘life after college’ for an alumnus is a great way to determine the success or failure of a college. These people have studied and attained their degree from the college and attribute a great deal of their success to the college they were once a part of.

Since the engineering degree is a technical course, it is mandatory to know how well is the alumni fairing. If the alumni are well-placed, it makes the students feel much more secure about the job.

Diversity- How diverse is your university?

The experience where both students and faculty come from different parts of the world is super enlightening. There is so much to talk about.

While students are only short-term college residents, professors remain in the long term. Studying in a diverse environment is an altogether different experience mainly due to the exposure. With such kind of exposure, the learning multiplies to a great extent.

Imagine studying in a classroom where your professor belongs to Germany, your classmates belong to Nigeria and other countries and you yourself are from India. Imagine how interesting a serious discussion would be in such a classroom!

Laboratory- The Technical Equipment

Not everything you learn has to necessarily be theory. As a part of the bachelor of technology curriculum, there are a number of technical and practical things that need to be gauged. Remember mixing things in the chemistry lab?

The college needs to have adequate amenities like computer and technical labs which are also pretty basic for engineering students. Without these facilities, the theoretical knowledge would be of no use. If you go for the information technology engineering course, would it be of any use if there are no computer labs? Of course not!

College on the whole- Everything!

While educational facilities like classroom appearance, study material, curriculum, etc. play a very important role for the students, there are other important factors as well.

One major determinant of a good college is the scope for recreational activities available within the campus premises. Activities like music fests, sports fests, etc. formulate a big part of the college’s productivity and must be at a priority.

Moreover, other requirements like hostel facilities, food quality, adequate playing areas, merit and sport scholarships, student teacher ratio, safety, wellness facilities and computing infrastructure also play a huge role.

Besides these notable features, an ideal engineering college/ university must have a strong reputation, lots of resources, high graduation and placement rates and must offer good value.

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