Over the past decade, we have seen that computer science has gained prominence among the other engineering streams. In fact, Computer science has emerged out as a safe bet for students as they are not restricted to a specific field and can pursue a career just after graduation. At the present time, with the rise of IT companies like Wipro, Infosys, and other Indian companies, more students are heading towards to be IT professionals. And that’s how B.Tech in Computer Science is rolling up.

Career Scope After B.Tech in Computer Science

This article will put a light on the best career options and average salaries for students after completing computer science engineering.

Application Development:

Application development has seen a remarkable growth in recent times with the revolution in technology. At the present time, with the evolution of mobile phones and different operating system, a new world of employment opportunities is open to technical professionals. And anyone who has an eye for detail and design will be an asset to this field. In addition, most of these platforms contain millions of apps being designed and tested by technical professionals from all over the world. So, here’s a bright pathway for you after B.Tech in Computer Science.

Also, there are companies which support app development so you can get hired to work for them. In fact, you can develop an app of your own and if you have a unique and innovative application you might end up making some serious money.

The average salary for an Application Developer is Rs 4,86,000 per year.

Software Testing:

There are a few areas you must be an expert at before entering software testing domain. For example, a strong command of programming languages and knowledge of user-interface design and software architecture is essential for software testing. In the recent times, a lot of private institutes are offering courses in software and product testing.

The average pay for a Software Tester is Rs 3,30,000 per year.

Cyber Security:

Technology has its own pros and cons. In this Digital Age, we have seen a remarkable increase in online transactions and various online portals and money transfer. Eventually, this has led to one of the major problems of our times i.e. cyber safety of people. There is always a risk of your passwords stealing, hacking confidential databases and identity theft to name a few. This has opened a whole new world of employment opportunities for ethical hackers and cyber security experts with a good salary after completing their engineering in computer science.

  • An Information Security Analyst earns an average salary of Rs 4,91,000 per year.
  • A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) earns an average salary of Rs 3,67,000 per year.
  • The average pay for a Network Security Engineer is Rs 4,11,000per year.

Product Design

Computer Science Engineers, with a focus on hardware technology and design, can pursue a career in Product Design. All the major companies among the world are investing in research and development trying to innovate the “Next Big Thing”.

A Product Design Engineer earns an average salary of Rs 4,26,000 per year.

Moreover, all these salaries vary based on the experience and specific domain. Freshers get to join as trainee engineers with a low pay scale. Also, salary varies from company to company, too. Lots of companies offer a variety of services ranging from designing, analytics and IT services which offer good salary package to the students.

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