Amazing food packaging and those exquisite flavours, who does not go around in circles thinking about which one to buy? Moreover, the deceptive marketing behind the beautiful packaging is diverting the population’s mind from the real factor – the nutrition content. But, you can be one of those, who are powered by analytical chemistry and help a common man choose safe products, and be aware of the synthetic and processed eatables flocking the supermarts. B.Sc. in Food Science & Technology offers exactly that to you.

Let us substantiate why the job is worthwhile and you must consider it.

5 Factors Legitimising Your Choice of B.Sc. in Food Science & Technology

1. Job Diversification

The job is about, but not limited to studying the nature of food, its effects, and the cause of deterioration. In fact, this comes as a responsibility to a Food Scientist. There are other departments as well where one can play diverse roles. From operations and handling teams to R&D department, you can find yourself working in different avatars. All the fields are closely related, so a little bit of training will help to switch the job profile, if and when needed. Some more job roles include teaching in the government & private sector, marketing, sales, food inspection, and so forth.

2. Job Security

No one can deny this fact. How can the world stop eating food? And, there are many health-conscious people who need personal nutrition assistants as well. Thus, you are going to work in an industry, where the opportunities are limitless. You do not have to fear about the lack of jobs. There isn’t a dearth of opportunities but in any case, you can switch. Be rest assured that the world needs many food specialists.

3. Shoot For the World

“One world and limitless opportunities” – very apt while talking about this profession. Truly, the world is big enough to be travelled in one life. But, how about exploring it as much as we can? Yes! Food is everywhere and so are the opportunities. There are many big companies like Nestle, Nescafe, Coca-Cola, ConAgra Foods, etc., which are world renowned and have branches everywhere.

4. After All, It’s FOOD!

Who doesn’t like satisfying taste buds with out of the ordinary flavours? So, if you go for this career, your tongue is never going to complain. Here’s to all the food lovers, this looks like the best fit for you! From tasting food items for testing purposes to a plethora of food research options, you are never going to be deprived of good taste.

5.  It’s About Moolah, You Know!

How about getting salaries which are competitive enough to any other lucrative job? If you are working as a food inspector in the government sector, then the average salary is INR 35,000 to INR 40,000 along with a lot of perks. People working in job profiles like Food Processing Operator, Organic Chemists, Research Scientists, Home Economists, Toxicologists, etc. get different salaries, but all promise to be satiating.

The Windup Time

Anheuser is the world’s largest brewer and commands a 25% global market share. And, it will grow even bigger. Nestle sat at the top of the food industry due to its $92 billion revenue and $9.4 billion profit recorded in the twelve months ending on April 22, 2016. On the other hand, Coca-Cola recorded $43.5 billion revenue and $7.3 billion profit in the twelve months ending on April 22, 2016.

Now, all you see is progressing strides and never-ending brilliant outcomes. Thinking about the people associated with these top-notch brands? You can be one of them. Go for B.Sc. in Food Science & Technology, if these factors lure you to be a part of something amazing, out-and-out.

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