As the nation rejoiced in the tunes of patriotism, Sharda University also hosted a series of events to pay tribute to the martyrs of the country.

Every year, 15th August is celebrated as the day when Indian citizens reminisce about the immortal truth about the lengths our motherland has grown to. Where once we were roped in by the British Raj and their colonialism, each Independence Day reminds us of feeling empowered, feeling free.

With pride in hearts and gratification in souls, the Shardans gathered in the grounds of Sharda University to salute the struggles, sufferings, and sacrifices of our freedom fighters. The event was held to commemorate the beginning of a new era and celebrate freedom.

Ek Deep Shahidon ke Naam

The Independence Day observance at the University commenced with “Deep Shrankhla – Ek Deep Shahidon ke Naam” on 14 August 2018 by lighting candles in the lawns behind Block 2. This evening was devoted to memorizing the selfless contribution and martyrdom of brave Indian sons whose blood and valour paved way to Indian Independence. Every participating member of the evening was moved while recollecting the devotion and dedication of our national heroes which brought tears to many eyes.

On 15th August 2018, the celebration resumed from 9 am sharp in the lawn situated on the back side of Block-2. All the members of Sharda University fraternity were invited to participate in the celebrations.

72nd Independence Day Celebration

72nd Independence Day Celebration

The ceremony began with the unfurling of the national flag by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. G.R.C. Reddy. The mention of the historic moments of India’s freedom by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor was one of the major highlights of the celebration.

Subsequently, the Vice Chancellor addressed the students and expressed the honor he feels being a citizen of India. In his speech, he urged the students to take the pledge towards making India a better nation and commemorate the day to respect the sovereignty of the nation.

The Independence Day celebration continued with solo & duet songs, poetry and group dance performance by the students. Students expressed their sentiments for the country by highlighting the evolution of Indian Flag and important facts about Indian Independence.

Another joyous part of the celebration was the speech on the importance of Independence Day. The celebration concluded with the choir of the students singing the National Anthem in unison.

I experienced the joy, freedom, and enthusiasm all along the event. Each student was given a chance to equally participate in the celebration. I feel immensely proud of being a part of Sharda University and most of all, belonging to a country where you can actually experience unity in diversity.” Avinash Khare, 1st year CS.

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