Professional Excellence Programme

Professional excellence occurs when you are able to deliver good quality work in an environment that is outside your control and alongside a set of people who you sometimes know very little about.

At Sharda University, we understand the nuances of the professional space and therefore design our curriculum to combat these factors. 

To excel professionally, you will need to - Work effectively and develop your networks and expertise; Get results working with different and difficult personality types; Maintain focus in pressure situations; Build and leverage your professional reputation; Work effectively within your organization’s political environment.

And we make sure that we strengthen our students on all these counts through:  

Management Games

Management games are designed to give our students the edge over the challenges of a typical working environment in a zero-risk space. The instant feedback and risk-free environment invite exploration and experimentation, stimulating curiosity, discovery learning and perseverance. Competitive simulation games encourage self-learning – players have more incentive to learn because of the motivation to win.

Group Discussions

Group discussions are part and parcel of selection process in majority of companies. It gives recruiters an opportunity to view the behavioral and attitudinal response of the candidate in a demanding situation. At Sharda, Group discussions are regular part of management students’ day. It is an academic activity for assessment. We also rope in corporate experts to help students mould their GD skills to a level suitable for corporate discussions and business meets. 

Simulated Interviews

Simulated Interview is a process which helps the student to do their own competitive analysis and find their strengths and weaknesses. In Simulated Interview the University provides virtual corporate environment for the interviews. Sharda University invites industrial professional to be a part of every interview panel and judge the students. This complete process is recorded audio-visually and shown to students to judge themselves. The experts from industries share their experiences and valuable feedback on individual basis. The individual student is given counseling and a recorded copy is given to him for improvement.

This complete process is recorded audio-visually and shown to students to judge themselves. The experts from industries share their experiences and valuable feedback on individual basis. The individual student is given counseling and a recorded copy is given to him for improvement. 


Presentation is the most important part for a working professional and every company expects its employees to be a good presenter. Presentations are used to explain products to the client, results to management, future plans, processes to subordinates etc. Credit based system at Sharda University has made presentation a part of course curriculum. Thus a student is polished throughout the course duration till he reaches the perfection level, so that when he passes out of this university he shall be having all the qualities of a high performer employee. 


Sharda follows a unique system of assigning a professor to a certain number of students as their mentor. This gives the students the benefit of an easy access to the solution to any challenge faced by him. The challenge could be any, ranging from curricular help to living away from home to assistance required in training for their professional future.

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