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  • COSPAR 2011

    Event Date: Jan 03, 2011 to Jan 15, 2011


    • To provide knowledge of aerosols and related data from recent satellites MODIS, MISR, TOMS, ENVISAT, OMI AURA, CALIPSO, AVHRR, AIRS, to scientists/ faculty members and young research students from south Asian Developing countries how to access and analyze data to study the spatial and temporal changes and to study the dynamics of aerosols and its impact.
    • To provide highly-practical instructions/tutorials using publicly-available software so that participants on returning home can readily incorporate them into their research programmes
    • To foster personal links between participants and experienced scientists attending the workshops to contribute to reducing the isolation often experienced by scientists in developing countries.

    The International symposium, COSPAR 2011 brought together leading National and International experts on a platform to identify new challenges and emerging trends of these highly emerging research areas. The theme of the conference was worked out in light of its viability to bring opportunities for young researchers and engineers to interact with eminent scientists who are keeping them with race of innovations happening in this area throughout the world. 

    Topics Covered

    • Basic principle of Remote Sensing
    • Remote Sensing of Atmosphere
    • Aerosols, Types of Aerosols and their characteristics
    • Characteristics of Dust and anthropogenic aerosols
    • Satellite data for Dust and Smoke  monitoring
    • Effect of Dust on the Ocean colour and Ocean productivity
    • Aerosols and Indian monsoon
    • Effect of Anthropogenic activities on the Himalayan snow cover and Glaciers
    • Satellites data related to atmosphere and meteorological parameters
    • Spatial and temporal changes and its implications
    • Data format and retrieval of aerosols parameters
    • Giovanni NASA tools
    • Visualization of remote sensing data

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