Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

About Department

Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics in School of Dental Sciences, Sharda University is being run by a team of highly qualified and dedicated staff. 

Department of Conservative & Endodontics is located on 2nd floor in college, absorbing around forty six State of Art Dental Chairs for accommodating number of patients, in separate Under Graduate & Post Graduate clinical section.  In separate Pre-Clinical Section, a Phantom head lab is provided to mimic real time patient care experience in lab setting.  This provides necessary feel to the students before they enter into clinical section. 

The Department, being axis of Dental School, receives and operates maximum number of patients related to conserving the teeth, like filling and root canal treatment. Specialized procedures like bleaching, cosmetic teeth corrections, veneering,   single visit root canal treatment, and surgical corrections are also carried out on a daily basis in the department. A special surgery room caters exclusively to surgical procedures.

Department is equipped with RVG (digital Radiograph) reducing radiations up to 80% ensuring safety of patients and doctors. With instant X-ray, time of procedure is greatly reduced.

Sterilization room with fully automated equipment is managed by a trained sterilization nurse, ensuring cross contamination control and sterile instruments provision for patient procedures.
Latest equipment like full mouth bleaching unit , equipment for warm gutta percha technique, Apex locator, motorized hand piece for rotary root canal preparation, broken instrument retrieval kit , surgery kits , magnification equipment , variable intensity light cure units for state of the art tooth colored fillings are being used for quality clinical procedures.

Audiovisual room with LCD projector, department library with select book titles, printer and scanner, are available to facilitate the learning process for students. To be updated with the latest treatment & research developments globally, round the clock internet accessibility to international and national journals is available.



  • Conducted CDE program on “Playing on the Edge- Redifining the idea of Extreme Endodontics”  held on Aug’26, 2015.
  • Conducted CDE program on “ Self Adjusting File SAF” held on 11th Sep. 2015.


  • Dr. Monishika Gupta
    1. Dr. Monishika Gupta, Post Graduate student in the department of Conservative dentistry & Endodontics won First prize in scientific paper presentation at 14th IACDE and IES PG convention on 8th June 2013, held at SDM Dental College & Hospital Dharwad Karnataka.
    2. Dr. Monishika Gupta, Post Graduate student in the department of Conservative dentistry & Endodontics awarded Dr T.R. Saraswathi Gold Medal for Best Student Scientific Oral Paper Presentation, at ISDR 2013.
  • Dr. Vaishnavi Shukla
    1. Certificate of Best Poster Presentation on topic-Fibre Splints:Stabilize Restore Construct at 29th IACDE & 22nd IES-National Conference, Jaipur
    2. Ist prize For Paper Presentation on  Esthetic Reconstruction  at IAACD School Of  Dental Sciences,Sharda University on 18thSep.2015.

  • Dr. Ruhani Jot kaur Cheema
    1. IInd Prize on topic- Replantation and Repositioning of tooth at IAACD School Of Dental Sciences,Sharda University on 18thSep.2015.
  • Dr. Shreya Gill
    1. Certificate of Best Poster Presentation on topic- Fibre Splints:Stabilize Restore Construct at 29th IACDE & 22nd IES-National Conference, Jaipur
    2. IInd Prize in paper presentation on topic-Radix paramolaris and entamolaris- Case Reports at 28th ISDR Conference held in I.T.S.Dental College on 20th Nov.2015.

    3. Dr.Shreya Gill won the Second  Prize in Paper presentation on topic-Management of  open apex:A Case report  at IAACD 14th June 2016 at SDS,Sharda University,Gr. Noida

  • Dr. Pratishtha Tanwar
    1. Dr.Pratishtha Tanwar won the First Prize in Poster Presentation on topic-Restoration of Badly broken teeth with fiber Post:A Case report at IAACD 14th June 2016 at SDS,Sharda University,Gr. Noida.


  • The labs, workshops, and other infrastructure related facilities offered by department
  • Clinical lab, Pre Clinical Phantom head lab, Casting & Ceramic lab

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