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The Department of Civil Engineering at Sharda University is a relatively new department, and is being developed, both in terms of faculty and infrastructure. 

The department has people of eminence from academia as well as industry, who have exposure to future cutting – edge research programs in the field of Hydraulics, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Geodesy & Mapping, Geographic Information System & Remote Sensing and Global Positioning Systems.

The Department provides high-quality teaching and practical cognizance and also caters to the needs of efficient research, technical advisory and consultancy. 

The Department aims to become a premier civil engineering institution in the world by imparting quality education, leadership in research, development and application of technology. 

It also aims to achieve the milestone of being the department with highest ranks in terms of teaching standards, research contributions, consultancy, training and academic leadership.


  • Tech Fest: The Civil Engineering Departments led the two main events- The Setu Bridge Competition and The Megamind, of the Contrivance tech fest held on 29-30th March within the University premise. Mr. Prabhas K. Yadav, an Assistant Professor, from the department presided the two main events. More than 100 B.Tech. students of the department participated in different events of the Tech Fest."

  • Research Collaboration: SU- IITD- TU Dresden (Germany) three party collaboration was initiated by Mr. Prabhas K. Yadav of the Civil Engineering Department. In this regard, Mr. Prabhas K. Yadav, Mr. Gaurav Goel , Mr. Jeevan Gaire were hosted by Prof. B. R. Chahar and Asst. Prof. Dr. C. T. Dhanya (both from IITD) on 19th April."
  • Industrial Visits: 40 students of B. Tech 3rd year, accompanied by Prof. Gaurav Goel, visited the RMS Plant in Surajpur and learnt operation and Quality control measures. 17 students from B Tech 3rd and 4th year visited the DMRC construction site near Janakpuri and learnt the details of foundation preparation and building materials used in Metro Rail construction. 35 students from 2nd year visited the cement grinding plant of Ambuja Cement at NTPC Road, Dadri. The students learnt, in detail, the process of conversion of clinkers into fine cement."
  • An Indo-German multi-institutional consortium including Dr. Prabhas Yadav, Dr. Gaurav Saini and Gaurav Goel (Dept. of Civil Engg., SU) and Prof. Shahana Majumdar (Dept. of Biotechnology, SU) recently submitted a research proposal titled “Sustainable reuse of Irrigation wastewater: Implications of subsurface technologies and hydro- bio-geo-chemical aspects” to Department of Biotechnology (DBT, India). The funding call is sponsored by Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Germany. Other partner institutions include IITD, TU Dresden and Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ)."
  • Research Papers: Chang, L., Haedel, F., Yadav, P., Binder, M., Liedl, R., and Dietrich, P. (2014), Evaluation and comparison of transverse dispersivity collected from experiments and field tests. Conference abstract-FH-DGG 2014, Bayreuth, Germany. Chaudhary, S., Lield, L., Yadav, P., Haendel, F., and Krause, T. (2014), Quantifying plume length with a two directional flow system using a 2 dimensional intermediate laboratory tank. Conference abstract-FHDGG 2014, Bayreuth, Germany."
  • Prof. J. Durgaprasad completed his Doctoral requirements and was recently awarded PhD degree.
  • Dr. Gaurav Saini, Pinaki Nayak and Gaurav Goel successfully completed 2-week long ISTE Main workshop on Fluid Mechanics, sponsored by MHRD and presented jointly by IIT-Kharaghpur and IIT-Mumbai. The faculty attended this workshop at the satellite center (Dronacharya College of Engineering, Greater Noida) from 20-30 May, 2014.
  • Mr. Ruban Sugumar attended the Summer Faculty Research Fellowship Program-2014 at IIT-Delhi from June 2 to July 17.
  • Dr. Gaurav Saini recently authored an Editorial for an international journal with an impact factor of 2.1.
  • Dr. Prabhas Yadav is Returning Expert for "Competence in Motion" Unit of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.
  • Our ICI Student Chapter has been awarded with the “Best Emerging Student Chapter” by the Indian Concrete Institute (ICI). 5 B Tech students represented the department at the award ceremony held on Sept 26 in Mumbai’s Wankhade Stadium. The award was presented to our students by Dr. S. Saraswati, President, ICI. Prof. Satyaprakash and other department faculty congratulated the students and called upon them to make an even better effort in this academic session.
  • The Civil Engineering Society of Sharda University (CEESU)  has recently started publishing a bi-monthly newsletter. This newsletter thrives to provide an alternative communication medium between the university management, faculties and student.

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Seminars & Workshops

Industrial Visits

  • Departement of Civil Engineering organised an Industrial visit to National Small Industries Coporation(NSIC)  for final year and pre final year students of Civil Engineering on 23rd January 2017. National Small Industries Corporation  (NSIC), is an ISO 9001-2008 certified Government of India Enterprise under Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). 40 students  visited NSIC along with one faculty member .
  • RMC Plant visit, NS Group, Surajpur, Greater Noida (Feb 7, 2014). 40 students of B. Tech 3rd year, accompanied by Prof. Gaurav Goel, visited the plant and learnt the RMC operation and Quality control measures.

  • 17 students from B Tech 3rd and 4th year visited the DMRC construction site near Janakpuri and learnt the details of foundation preparation and building materials used in Metro Rail construction.
  • 35 students from 2nd year visited the cement grinding plant of Ambuja Cement at NTPC Road, Dadri. The students were given a tour of the facilities and explained the process of cement production, testing and packaging. The students learnt, in detail, the process of conversion of clinkers into fine cement.

Sewage Treatment Plant Visit:

25 students of M Tech (Env. Engg.) and B Tech (4th yr) accompanied Dr. Gaurav Saini and Ms. Gurmanwant Sandhu on a visit to the 137 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant located in Kasana. This plant treats the entire wastewater generated by the Greater Noida city. The visit was very informative and useful for the students, and all the practical applications of what the students have been studying this term related to sewage treatment was on display. The plant operator informed the students about the operation of the plant as well as the automation used. He also enagaged the students in a discussion about the various issues that can arise in plant operation and also the reuse of treated sewage. The students were very impressed with the scale of operation and commented on how such a visit has helped them better understand the theoretical constructs taught in the classroom.

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Technical Skill Refinement Program (TSRP)

  • March 4, 2017- Vertical Transport Through Hyporheic Zone of Variably Clogged Riverbed, Click here to view presentation.
  • Feb 18, 2017- Sustainable Wastewater Treatment through Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC), Click here to view presentation.
  • Feb 4, 2017 - Role of Fibre in Reinforcement of Structure During Earthquake. Click here to view presentation.
  • Jan 21, 2017 - Analytical Models for Contaminated Site Management. Click here to view presentation.



  • Strength of Materials: The laboratory offers facilities for testing building materials for their strength, behavior and suitability for various applications. The laboratory also provides material testing services, building material testing services, refractory material testing services and geological material testing services.
  • Engineering Drawing: The facilities in this laboratory makes students get acquainted with the principles of projection, multi-dimensional view of objects, pictorial drawings and sketches, geometric construction, sectioning, lettering, tolerancing and dimensioning. It also lays emphasis upon analysis and graphic presentation of space relationships of fundamental geometric elements.
  • Survey: This laboratory houses all the sophisticated instruments viz. Electronic Total Station, GPS, Theodolite, Auto levels, Vernier Theodolite, Digital Planimeter, Dumpy Levels, in addition with other fundamental equipment such as Chain, Tape, Compass, and Plane Table.
  • Soil Mechanics:The space for this laboratory is well equipped with all instruments required for identification and classification of soils (w.r.t. physical and chemical properties) and strength testing of soil samples.
  • Water Resources/ Hydrology/ Hydraulics: This is a combined laboratory equipped with flow measuring devices in pipes and flow measurements in open channels. Facilities are available for calibration of flow measuring devices as well as pressure testing of pipes and pumps. The equipments in the lab are Reynolds apparatus with coloured die injector arrangement, Metacentric height apparatus, Pipe friction apparatus, Bernoulli’s theorem apparatus, Loss in pipe fitting apparatus, Venturimeter and Orifice meter for flow measurement, Impact of jet apparatus, Notch apparatus, Darcy’s law apparatus and Surface tension apparatus.
  • CAD/ CAM/ Geo-Informatics: This laboratory is an extension of the Engineering Drawing lab. In this, the students are taught working proficiency in CAD programs, such as AutoCAD and Pro/ENGINEER. This also has software for analysing the spatial data for Geo Informatics analysis.
  • Structural Analysis Lab: Structural analysis laboratory aims at modelling structural systems in engineering domain and observing their mechanical behaviors. The lab is equipped with modern as well as traditional equipment for performing different experiments. Some equipment amongst the lot present in laboratory are Shear Force & Bending Moment Analysis Apparatus, Analysis of Two Hinged and Three-Hinged Arches, Deflection of Curved Members.
  • Environmental Engineering Lab: The lab is well-equipped for characterisation and quality analysis of water and waste water. Composed of both wet-lab and digital instruments, the lab caters to environmental engineering and environmental chemistry aspects of our raw/drinking water supplies and municipal/industrial sewage. Some of the salient equipment include digital meters for measuring pH, turbidity, total dissolved solids and dissolved oxygen; instant residual chlorine kit; COD apparatus and Jar-test assembly for optimal coagulant dose.
  • Concrete Lab: Facilities and equipment are available for handling and preparation of concrete, for testing Wet concrete properties,   Temperature controlled ovens, In-situ Property Evaluation of concrete; Concrete core-cutting machine.
  • Transportation Lab: The Transportation Engineering laboratory of the Civil Engineering focuses on transport related issues. The lab aims at promoting applied research and new methodologies in the field of transportation Engineering. The lab is equipped with equipment for conducting field and laboratory tests on Subgrade, Aggregates, Bituminous Materials and Bituminous Mixes; facilities for conducting traffic studies; facilities for assessing pavement performance and cyclic loading test equipment.

The department is in the process of developing other labs which shall be needed for the coming years.

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