Welcome Note from Pro Chancellor

Our sustained efforts to provide world class education at Greater Noida gave us the idea of creating a University with a difference. Sharda University was born out of that vision. Sharda University is a full fledged university established as a privately funded State University by the Government of U.P. and recognized by the UGC.

Yatendra Kumar Gupta
Yatendra Kumar Gupta

Pro-Chancellor Sharda University and Vice Chairman, SGI

Renowned Educationist,
Social Leader & Industrialist

The campus of Sharda University was initiated in the year 2005 and over the past 6 years, we have slowly built up an infrastructure which is one of the best. Creating a multi-discipline university where Engineering, Management, Medical and Dental streams co-exist within the campus is one of the biggest strengths of the University.

We believe that no university can succeed unless you have all disciplines taught to students and they find it easy to interact with scientists, researchers and teachers across disciplines to know how the world is progressing in the knowledge economy. Within a short span of time, Sharda University has imbibed this culture and students are involved in all activities of the university with enthusiasm and with a participatory approach which is rarely found in universities.

No institution in the world has ever succeeded without a soul. The soul of an institution is its academic ambience, the competence of faculty and the systems through which the academic program is delivered. The soul of an institution can neither be seen nor is it visible, but it can be felt and experienced! I invite you to experience this soul and participate in new learning methodology adopted by Sharda and secure a future direction in your life. The decision that you take today, will definitely be a defining moment in your life and we assure that you would leave this institution feeling proud that you have experienced learning which has made you a thorough professional, a well informed and an ethical human being.